ADS Bungalow


Rs. 1,000 per head


Milk Rice with Katta Sambal & Fish Curry.

String Hoppers with Gravy and Coconut Sambal.

Hoppers with Onion Sambal & Bananas.

Corn Flakes with Fresh Milk, Poached/Boiled Egg, Toast, Butter, Marmalade, Jam.


Served with juice and fresh seasonal fruits.



Orange Juice.

Mango Juice (Seasonal).

Papaya Juice.

Nelli Juice.

Lemon Juice.

Sri Lankan Tea/Coffee.


Morning Special Kenda (Soup)

Gotu Kola Kenda.

Karapincha (Curry Leaf) Kenda.





Rs. 1,500 per head

All meals are served on a banana leaf with a plate or pan wattiya.


Main Dishes

Rice - Basmati, Red Raw, or Mixed Vegetable Rice.

Chicken Curry.

Fish Curry.

Soya Meat Curry (Vegetarian).

Red Lentil Curry.

Potato Curry.

Karavila (Bitter Melon) Curry.



Rabu, Got Kola, Angunakola.

Carrot, Tomatoe, Onion & Salad Leaves with Lime or Olive Oil Dressing.

Katurumurunga, Mukunuwenna & Murunga Leaves Salad.


Seasonal Dishes

Young Jack Fruit Curry.

Jack Fruit Kirikos Curry.

Drumbstick Curry.

Ambaralla Curry.

Mango Curry.

Bread Fruit Curry.



Buffalo Curd with Palm Trickle Honey.


Kasawa Pudding (Saw Dodol).

Sri Lankan Tea or Coffee.




Evening Tea

All served with Sri Lankan Tea/Coffee


Sri Lankan Sweets

Halapa - Rs. 50 Each

Aluwa - Rs. 40 Each

Thala Guli - Rs. 35 Each

Wali Thalapa - Rs. 50 Each

Kawun, Kokis, Athirasa - Rs. 40 Each.





Rs. 1,000 per head


Soup - Chicken or Vegetable.

Rice & Curry.

Bread with Curry.


String Hoppers/Hoppers.

Pittu with Coconut Milk Gravy and Katta Sambal.

Noodles with Vegetables, Chicken or Egg Curry.


Sri Lankan Tea/Coffee



ADS Bungalow

No 156/14

2nd Stage

Andagala Estate



Approved & registered by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority

Registration No: SLTDA/SQA/BUN/00478

License No: BUN/2015/0107


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